The Youth is the Today and the Future…

None of system you don’t fill with the youth is sustainable. You consign your future to them for a successful sustainability and it is necessary the fact that the youth is such as to take this responsibility. Therefore families, companies, states… All of them invest in their youth in order to sustain your future successfully. They want them to be more healthy, qualified and well-supported. For this reason again, the youth are an indispensable and non-negligible mass for the current society.

We have been a group of young people working as a volunteer and professional in the civil society works for many years. We decided to do something for this big mass we are a part of in the year of 2014. In the establishment phase of our association, we conducted questionnaire to more than 5000 young people and ascertained their necessities, what their expectations are. With this questionnaire, we compiled and examined the reports about the youth of certain organizations& institutions for example; United Nations Development Program, the European Union etc. In consequence of these studies, with the Youth Right and Problems, we specified 5 mission topics making the youth more well-supported and qualified and started our activities on the date of 14 March 2014. These mission topics;

1) The Youth Right and Problems
2) Time for Volunteering
3) Technology Based Development
4) Healthy Life
5) Civil Society Capacity Building (only for the youth organizations)
6) Social Media Analysis

Our basic mission topic is the Youth Right and Problems. This mission topic includes of youth unemployment, access to information, transportation right etc. Besides, we have added other 5 mission topics, because of the fact that they have a better future and they are such as to meet the expectation and necessities of future. We carry out our projects and activities within the frame of these mission topics. We believe that the more our young people – we have been regarding them as a potential strength for many years- are active, the more our future gets better. For this reason, we say that Pi Youth Association activates the potential…

Pi Youth Association
Activates the Potential

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