Author : Barbara Abramowska

Youthworkers conference: a long-awaited networking event

This month I have had the chance to take part in the first big event organized by Pi Youth Association after the COVID-19 outbreak. It was the first Conference of Local Youth Associations Network, an event putting together youthworkers from the whole of Turkey (for the reasons of safety, the number of participants was limited […]

Travelling, meeting people and discovering the Aegean Region: finally! :D

As the coronavirus crisis is stabilizing, I have finally been able to start moving around, and, even more importantly, see people again!!! In this post, I would like to tell you which places I have been to. All of those travels would not be possible without the guidance, support and participation of friends. And without […]

Online activities of a locked-down volunteer: a variety of learnings and encounters

It has been exactly two months since I took part in the last association event before the quarantine. It was Pi Youth Association’s 6th birthday (14th of March), and it already was marked with social distancing and anxiety about what was to come. Since that day, I have been working from home. This time was […]

Going online: lessons learnt on how to effectively cooperate through the Internet

It has been two weeks since I wrote a post about dealing with the coronavirus outbreak while being far from home. Back then, the situation was pretty different: we were just about to start working from home, the virus had just appeared in Turkey back then and we were more concerned about our families back […]

ESC in the Time of Coronavirus: yet Another Meaning of Solidarity

How does it feel when you live the experience of pandemics far from the majority of your beloved ones Although I would really prefer to write this post about something else, it is hard not to mention how much is the current reality influenced by the recently declared pandemics. Although the situation in Turkey is […]

Networking for partnerships: a perfect way to discover Erasmus+ projects

As part of the ESC journey, me and my fellow volunteer, Martyna, are supporting the office team in looking for partnerships for Erasmus+ projects. Although I have had quite a rich volunteering experience before coming to Turkey (I have been involved in NGOs in my country for 10 years now), my European Solidarity Corps stay […]

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