European Youth Together

Since October, I have had a chance to discover various aspects of Erasmus+ and writing projects seemed by far the most interesting and intellectually stimulating. So when at the beginning of May our project coordinator mentioned that our association is planning to apply for the European Youth Together 2020 call and that he wants us […]

(Re)discovering Izmir

European Solidarity Corps is at its core about volunteering, contributing to the society, making a positive impact on the local community. It’s also about gaining new experience, challenging yourself, growing as a person, making new friends and creating new memories. However, undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects about being an ESC volunteer, is the […]

A very Youppi adventure

About two months ago, our colleagues from the Partnership Department approached us with an idea of creating a digital magazine. The magazine- which first issue was published in the beginning of May- is a joint initiative of the Partnership Department and Pixel Team. Together, they set out to create a monthly magazine which would highlight […]