STGM-Techsoup Turkey is Looking for Colleagues

STGM-Techsoup Turkey, a partner of Techsoup Global which has partnered with 69 of the world’s leading civil society organizations, is looking for colleagues. Position: Techsoup Turkey Coordinator Techsoup Turkey Coordinator, who will be working correspondingly with STGM Digital Works, will be responsible for the management and development of Techsoup Global network relations and software donation […]


The Erasmus+ Coalition gathers over 40 European-wide networks and civil society organisations representing the major beneficiaries of Erasmus+ programme at all levels. The idea of the “Erasmusx10” campaign emerged when European political leaders started advocating for a significant uplift of the programme’s budget. The President of the European Commission Juncker himself, during the celebrations of […]

Volunteering Across Europe

The latest research for the European Union Youth Report in 2015 shows that around one in four (25%) young people across the EU were involved in some kind of voluntary activity. However, the same research shows that the rates of involvement were very differences between countries, with the highest over 40% and the lowest around […]