‘’Civil Society Dialogue for Empowering Youth Works in Local’’ project to be implemented with the partnership of Stichting Bloom Foundation, a civil society organisation from The Netherlands started its activities on April 30, 2021.

‘’Civil Society Dialogue for Empowering Youth Works in Local’’ project awarded for the grant within the sixth phase of Civil Society Dialogue Programme implemented by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate for European Union Affairs with the financial support of European Union. Contracting Authority of the programme is Central Finance and Contracts Unit. ‘’Civil Society Dialogue’’ is a grant programme aiming to bring together the civil society organizations from Turkey and European Union for an information and experience exchange, building permanent dialogue on the common subjects. Civil Society Dialogue contributes to bring EU norms and best practice examples to our country with the cooperation and partnerships between the civil society organizations from Turkey and European Union.

The biggest aim of the project which will be implemented to strengthen the capacities of youth workers and civil society organizations working in the field of youth on increasing employment, improving working and living conditions, establishing social protection mechanisms at appropriate level, promoting dialogue with social partners, developing human resources in order to ensure sustainable employment, combating poverty and social exclusion and providing equal opportunity for men and women, is to strengthen the civil society dialogue between Turkey and European Union.

National conferences for the youth workers in Turkey and The Netherlands, local trainings in Ankara, İzmir and Gaziantep and an international youth summit will be organised within the project that will last 15 months.

Local Youth Associations Network (YGDA) is a civil society network which is working in the field of youth, is established with the collaboration of 40 youth associations on January 1, 2021. You can follow the activities of YGDA from the address of www.genclikdernekleri.org