Welcome to the Insport Games Guide, a comprehensive collection of engaging and enriching games developed as part of the Insport project took place in Romania, with the participation of five countries: Romania, Italy, Georgia, Turkey, and Jordan, from July 15 to August 25, 2023. The goal of this project is to empower communities, enhance personal and professional skills, instill a deep understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, especially through sports activities.

The Insport project, driven by a collective vision, has three main objectives:

-Empowerment through Skills: Empower 50 volunteers to evolve into active and responsible community members, equipped with personal and professional skills.

-Knowledge Amplification: Increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle by at least 50% among 100 youth and children in small towns. This is achieved through a carefully designed 4-week program of coordinated activities centered around sports.

-Community Advocacy: Boost sustainable impact by increasing the number of children and youth transforming into regular local volunteers and advocates for healthy lifestyles and sports activities. The goal is to have at least 20 volunteers at each location actively participating in this transformative initiative.

This guide is a tangible result of the Insport project and includes:

-16 Interactive Games: Enjoy the fun playing experience with a selected range of games implemented during the program. These games go beyond boundaries, promoting a sense of humanity and shared culture.

-Learning Outcomes: Gain insights into the educational benefits derived from each game, reinforcing the idea that play is an invaluable tool and a crucial aspect of personal development.

-Game Context Development and Adaptation: Understand the complexities of creating an environment that encourages positive interactions, teamwork, and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

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