Youth is both the present and the future…

No order that you do not nurture with the young generation can be sustainable. For successful social sustainability, the youth to whom you will entrust your future must be capable of carrying this responsibility. For this reason, families, companies, governments and so on all invest in their youth to ensure a successful future. They want them to be healthier, more educated, qualified, and equipped. Nevertheless, young people are an indispensable and non-negligible part of society not only in the future but also today. They have some rights that they cannot obtain just because their age and problems they face regarding their age. For example, until a few years ago, young people in our country had the right to vote in general and local elections, but not the right to be elected. This situation was causing a violation of rights for young people. With the legal arrangements made, the age to be elected was first reduced from 30 to 25 and then to 18, thus eliminating a right violation in the youth field. Although this and many similar examples are not noticed by the youth and the rest of the society, they constitute some of the rights problems the youth face only because of their age. In short, age discrimination still remains a problem in some areas. When we consider youth problems as well as youth rights, some problems in youth field continue to have serious negative consequences. For example, youth unemployment, youth access to information and education are some of the most common youth problems of our time. All these examples mentioned above made it necessary for us to operate in the field of youth rights and problems and created the need to bring young people together and empower them to solve these problems.

Pi Youth Association is a non-governmental organization established for the rights that the individuals between the ages of 15-30, namely young people, should have and the problems that need to be solved. It gets the power to carry out its activities from the young people whose rights it defends. Pi Youth Association, working with the youth for the youth, has organized many projects, activities and events to realize this mission since its establishment on March 14, 2014. Pi Youth Association continues its activities in the local, national and international field and the most important source of its income is the grants and support received from the European Union and other international organizations (UN, etc.).

Pi Youth Association carries out activities on six working topics determined in consultation with young people. These working topics are;

1) Combating the Climate Crisis and Sustainability,
2) Youth Rights, Problems and Youth Participation,
3) Healthy Living for Young People and Youth Workers,
4) Empowerment of Young People and Youth Workers,
5) Dissemination of Volunteering Awareness among Young People,
6) Civil Society Capacity Building (only for youth organizations)

We believe that the more active individuals/citizens our youth, whom we have characterized as a great potential power for years, are present and in the future, the better our present and future will be. For this reason, we say Pi Youth Association activates the potential…

Pi Youth Association
“Activates the Potential”