Revelation of the Less Traveled Path

In the prelude of my life, I found myself at a crossroads, seeking a journey that resonated with the chords of my convictions and values. As a seeker of profound experiences, I embarked on a two-month odyssey with the Pi Youth Association in Turkey, in search of a new country, a new culture, and missions with meaningful and tangible significance.

The Prelude: Shaping My Identity

Rooted in a background blending Franco-Moroccan influences, I have always immersed myself in a world of diverse cultures. The intricate dance of understanding and unity became my specialty, paving the way for the discovery of Turkey and its people, of whom I knew only a few details, with my primary desire being adaptation to this new universe.

The Mosaic Unveils Itself: Linguistic, Cultural, and Sporting Tapestry

As a volunteer with Pi Gençlik Derneği, I led workshops and conversation clubs in French and English in Turkey for a diverse audience, ranging from 7 to 30 years old, including Turkish students, children, and adults, as well as refugees from the Middle East. Emphasizing oral communication and intercultural understanding, free discussion being paramount, I also organized yoga classes for adults, highlighting the benefits of physical activity and meditation. Additionally, I conducted workshops on games and paintings with 3-7-year-olds.

Beyond language classes, I am currently creating visual content, including videos and photos, chronicling my journey and life in Turkey. This will also serve to share the activities of the association. This experience has developed my skills in managing multicultural projects, pedagogical animation, and adapting to the specific needs of each age group, reinforcing my belief in the power of education and diversity. I have formed strong, almost fraternal bonds and fully immersed myself in traditional Turkish life. ‘The art of living resides in a constant state of adaptation.’ – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Turkey is a country where the East and the West converge, where history and modernity intertwine like the threads of an eternal tapestry, revealing an enchanting landscape of culture, landscapes, and human riches. My residence in Buca, a district nestled in the embrace of Izmir, has become the sanctuary where I could meet numerous friends, be it at the boxing gym, the mosque, or the local restaurant. The people I encountered introduced me to their friends, and the circle gradually expanded until I knew every shop owner on the street. The warmth of Turkish hospitality and the fluidity of social interactions have left indelible imprints on my memory and thoughts.

The Metamorphosis: Impact and Reflection

“Happiness for those who can hear, music in the world. For those who cannot, chaos,” said Marcus Aurelius.

As a catalyst for change, my involvement extended beyond language workshops. Weaving connections with some of the students attending my workshops and with members of the Pixel Team. As my stay progressed, I gradually metamorphosed with the values, traditions, and various discussions I gathered from the locals. I am a being of change and adaptability, although I hold onto my principles and values. I am one of those in constant pursuit of transformation and evolution, always seeking to learn more and climb the cliff of wisdom and happiness. Seneca said, “Happiness is understanding that everything we encounter is an invitation to grow.

Transmitting the desire and passion, this eternal flame.

“Bugünün işi yarına bırakma”

What I tried to achieve to the fullest during these 2 months was the transmission of flame and passion, ensuring that Turkish youth, as well as adults, have the best memories of a Frenchman, instilling in them the desire to travel, discover, and understand that learning can undoubtedly be enjoyable. Having spent 20 years of my life in school, I am well aware that a teacher can change everything; some individuals can inspire us forever and instill the desire to go further. This is what I tried to do throughout my stay in all my workshops. I had only positive experiences; whether with young children or adults, the commitment was present, and the conversations flowed smoothly. It was very enjoyable, and I am grateful to all these people. The desire to give the best of myself deeply motivated me, and everyone seeking to learn, develop, and improve, of course, improved me as well. 

“Epilogue: Beyond the Horizon

In the labyrinth of this transformative journey, I discovered the true essence of solidarity and volunteerism. Linguistic, cultural, and sporting efforts, along with all these encounters, were like strokes of a brush painting the canvas of my life. From the ancient streets of Izmir to the hearts touched by our efforts, my soul now bears the imprints of a journey that transcended time, borders, and expectations.

And after this adventure, I cannot bid farewell to Turkey but rather say goodbye to this country with a thousand facets and charms.

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