Hey 🙂

My name is Triin. I am from Estonia, 30 years old and decided to take another challenge and adventure in my life: coming to Turkey and try out new lifestyle. 2 months has passed but it feels like I came here yesterday. I love Turkey. I feel home here.

In September we had many small city tours with local volunteers and started to get to know the people and culture. We were introduced different centers and municipalities where volunteers started to do workshops.

I am working in office as an assistant and helping out our coordinator. My schedule wasn’t that busy in September but it was quiet busy in October. My main tasks are making a schedule for volunteers who do workshops, dealing with problems related to workshops and relations between volunteers and organization. Of course, I can’t take all the responsibility to myself but as much as I can, I take. So I am bridge between volunteers and organization. Sometimes it can be challenging but mostly it is fun. I feel every day how I grow as a person.

Office team is amazing. They are careful, warm-hearted people who wish you all the best and who try to make you feel really  good and they are taking good care of me and other volunteers.

I have mentor who helps with every day life if needed. Her name is Ezgi. She is really fun person to be around and trustworthy. Thanks to her I have experienced local life and eat some really traditional turkish food.


Turkish people loves food and they love to eat a lot. And by that I mean A LOT 😀 Also, turkish cuisine is good. I have some favorite things I like to eat. In the beginning I missed a bit familiar taste because I didn’t have anything familiar for a month by the time I came to Turkey. By now I’m used to.

In September we had some workshops, 2 of them I organized myself to other volunteers. Everything were a bit chaotic since we just came and it took a bit time to get to used to with environment and people.

And then jump into October: beginning of the month we had arrival training in other city, named Afyonkarahisar. We got to know other volunteers from other organizations. The town itself is beautiful 🙂

A little bit more working and after that I went to Cappadoccia. Amazing. In my early 20s I wrote down things that I wanna do/ experience in my life, and one of the things were hot balloon. Woohooo – its done!

My big hobby is dancing. First thing what I did when I arrived to Turkey, I looked up where are dance parties for salsa and bachata and attended to them. People are super nice and welcoming. And those 2 months I have been going to dance parties and made some really good friends from there.

What can I say? I love Turkey and enjoy being here.
Until next time :*

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