This is my second blog post. You know from the previous post that I had two options: I could choose between a one-year project in Germany or Türkiye. Now, nine wonderful months have already passed and I believe that the decision I made with my heart was the best one!

I am happy to be involved in an international project and to improve my skills.
I am really happy to be living in İzmir, Türkiye. I spend a really good time here, full of new experiences. My skills and experiences have moved to a greater level. I’m still making progress and I hope to keep improving in the future! By the way, right now I speak 3 languages so time has come to finally start learning Turkish! So, I’m getting closer to my next goal of being a quadrilingual! I further maintain that my favorite thing to do here, in my free time, is meeting with my friends and drinking tea. Time passes very quickly here and it is very peaceful.

I love the city of İzmir and its people so much! I love Turkish people. I am very grateful for every person I meet on my way. This project gave me many opportunities to grow in different ways. I will certainly remember the time spent on the project for the rest of my life. I am truly grateful for every day spent here and every person that I met.

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