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Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Dialogue Foundation

Anna Lindh was founded by the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue to bring communities and people on both sides of the Mediterranean closer to each other and to carry out joint projects. Founded by 44 members of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation, the foundation supports civil society for the common future of the region and brings people together to develop intercultural cooperation in the Mediterranean.

Since its foundation in 2005, the Foundation has been supporting activities that affect mutual perceptions among people of different cultures and beliefs, and has also, gathered over 3000 non-governmental organizations across the region. The aim of the Foundation is to contribute to the development of the Intercultural Strategy for the Euro-Mediterranean Region through various activities and actions, and to propose proposals advocating common values with decision makers and institutions.

The Foundation has focused on important issues affecting the misunderstandings and relationships between communities in the region in recent years. The Foundation supports the creation of a welfare area in the Mediterranean and the peaceful coexistence. The Foundation seeks to build dialogue and connection for diversity and coexistence; it supports living together and diversity.

Foundation co-chaired by Turkey and Generation System Development Association and the Institute of Civil Society and serves association. The Foundation’s program focuses on community interest and social dialogue themed activities. Topics; Education and Youth; Culture and Art, Peace and Cooperation; Values, Cities and Migration, Media.

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Youth Organizations Forum (Turkey)

The contribution of civil structures in the development of youth work in Turkey and policy so far has been very limited. The Youth Organizations Forum set out to ensure the active participation of youth organizations in the formation of youth policies.

This structure advocates the legal safeguarding and implementation of a universal youth policy with the coordination of public and civil society. The Youth Organizations Forum aims to improve the understanding of rights-based youth policy by both public and non-governmental organizations and thus increase their impact.

Youth Organisations Forum’s biggest role -which is a forum that accomplished something new by bringing youth organisations that focuses on right-based work in Turkey- is to raise awareness for the formation of the infrastructure of youth policies at universal standards; to defend the rights of young people on relevant platforms and to develop the capacity of member and non-member youth organizations, student communities and to increase its influence as a network.

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Prisma European Network

With members in Europe, Eastern Partnership countries, North Africa and the Middle East, PRISMA gathers active organizations in the youth field that are committed to develop qualitative youth work at an international level by taking advantage of the new media technologies. Prisma Network’s goal is to expand its horizons to New Countries.

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UN Global Compact Network

United Nations (UN) Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with over 9,500 companies and over 3,000 non-corporate members in over 160 countries. UN Global Compact, which started its operations in 2000, encourages the cooperation of institutions to create a sustainable and inclusive global economy that benefits all our people, communities and markets. UN Global

Compact supports companies around the world to align their strategies and operations with 10 Principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption, while at the same time leading the business world to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Principle 01: Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.
Principle 02: Businesses should not be complicit in human rights abuses.
Principle 03: Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining of the workers.
Principle 04: The application of forced and compulsory labour should be stopped.
Principle 05: All kinds of child labour should be stopped.
Principle 06: Discrimination in recruitment and placement in businesses should be stopped.
Principle 07: Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental issues.
Principle 08: It should support all kinds of activities and organizations that will increase environmental responsibility.
Principle 09: It should support the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
Principle 10: Businesses should fight all forms of corruption, including bribery and extortion.

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