The ‘Break the Glass Ceiling’ project is an Erasmus Plus KA2 project that aims to improve the quality of youth services, especially volunteering projects within the scope of the European Solidarity Corps, by focusing on the empowerment of young women. The project, which started in January 2024, will be a two-year process in which each partner will conduct interviews and focus group studies with the female volunteers hosted by the ESC program, compile and disseminate the findings. We also aim to publish a publication that includes methods and good practices that encourage the empowerment of female volunteers.

Other prominent aspects of the project are as follows:
1) The research helps us understand how effective and efficient volunteering projects in the youth sector are for women and the reasons for the shortcomings in these projects.
2) The development and publication of the methodology serves as a guide for stakeholders to carry out quality volunteer projects.
3) Thanks to dissemination activities, outputs reach a wide range of multipliers.

The following outputs are produced in the project:
• Research Plans (4 Pieces)
• Research Reports (4 Pieces)
• Guide (1 Piece)
• Results-Based Methodology Handbook,
• Good Practice Collection

Additionally, the project aims to reach more than 300+ experts through personal publishing events and more than 4000+ experts through the DM campaign.

• Association Co-Efficient (Hungary)
• Asociatia Nevo Parudimos (Romania)
• United Societies Of Balkans (Greece)
• Pi Youth Association (Türkiye)

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