Equal Parenting is an Erasmus plus KA2 project that aims to support and disseminate the concept of equal parenting for the formation of happier and healthier families by breaking the stereotypes and roles attached to mothers and fathers.

In this project, which started in April 2022 and will last for 2 years, potential parents of the future (young people over 18 years old) will be able to recognize and learn “equal parenting skills” as a tool to develop their vision of parenting roles and improve their future family life. Thus, it aims to raise young people with an open mind who will encourage responsible parenting, help break gender roles in society, create their own parenting values, break stereotypes and taboos in the society, do not hesitate to express their free will, and improve their communication skills in their families and society.

You can check the website of our project to reach more content about the project.

Project Partners (alphabetically)

  • EDUKOPRO (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • JUMPIN HUB (Portugal)
  • LIFE4YOU (Slovenia)
  • SMART IDEA (Slovenia)

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