Inclusion in Actions

Pi Youth Association (Türkiye) and Povod (Slovenia) have collaborated to develop a project within THE:PLACE -Turkey Hand in Hand with Europe Programme for Local Authorities and Civil Society Exchange, set to run from April to December 2024.

With a focus on social inclusion and intercultural dialogue, our partnership aims to leverage our expertise in working with diverse groups within intercultural environments. Povod specializes in gender mainstreaming with migrant women, while PIYA focuses on youth advocacy but seeks to enhance gender mainstreaming in youth work and migrant engagement. Recognizing a lack of youth initiatives in Ptuj and limited involvement of youth in Povod’s migrant activities, our project aims to bridge these gaps by sharing and implementing best practices, methodologies, and approaches.

Our first activity will involve reciprocal study visits between İzmir and Ptuj, allowing teams and local authority representatives to exchange ideas. Subsequently, we will conduct local workshops in both locations to raise awareness of migration, diversity, social inclusion, and intercultural dialogue, integrating lessons learned from the study visits. Each partner will host public events to share project outcomes with the local community, followed by the development of policy briefs to present recommendations on intercultural dialogue and migrant inclusion to local authorities.

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