The Women Empowerment ArtCoop is a collaborative ESC Humanitarian Aid project aiming to empower women and children facing vulnerability in Shianda, Kenya, due to gender-based violence. The project focuses on using non-formal education and art to strengthen global cohesion, solidarity, and identity, with a particular emphasis on gender diversity, mental health, and engaging women and youth. Its objectives include enriching the local community with innovative methodologies, developing volunteers’ skills, creating tailored non-formal and artistic actions for women and children, supporting the host organization in developing new methodologies, and promoting critical conscientiousness through awareness actions.

The WE ArtCoop ESC Humanitarian Aid project will use innovative non-formal education and artistic methodologies to address social problems like gender-based violence, sexual education/health, and mental health in Shianda. Fifteen volunteers will conduct participatory projects to raise awareness and empower the target population. The project involves people in all phases, promoting their empowerment through need analysis, planning, activity development, and evaluation. Volunteers will create safe spaces for women and children to work on mental health, the consequences of gender-based violence, and the importance of sexual education, fostering active participation and involvement in their self-development and empowerment process.

The Project Partners Include(alphabetically):
-Afrikaert Alapitvany Magyarorszag Nemzetkozi Fejlesztesi Es Humanitarius Szervezet in Hungary
-Associacio Taller D’art, Cultura I Creacio – Taller D’art, Cultura I Creació in Spain
-Pi Youth Association in Türkiye
-Western Focus Community Organisation in Kenya

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