Think Mindful Manage Your Anger project is an Erasmus plus KA2 project that aims to train young people on conscious thinking and anger management methods.

In most societies, there is a social stigma associated with mental health problems. These problems are ignored or seen as a sign of weakness. Especially young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are faced with many difficulties. There are radical changes in our societies, and sometimes these changes are so great and effective that even the most resilient ones have difficulty in maintaining their mental and emotional balance.

This project, which started in December 2022 and will last for 2 years, aims to equip young people with techniques and skills that will help them cope with emotional difficulties and mental health problems that will help them manage and prevent their angry behaviors. For this, it is necessary to increase the skills of youth workers in using innovative mindfulness techniques and equip them with modern communication and development tools.

The target audience of this project is youth workers, youth leaders, trainers working with youth in youth organisations, educational institutions and youth centres, especially disadvantaged youth who are most at risk for mental health problems, and those aged between 18 and 24 who have difficulty in coping with the challenges of the modern age and controlling their reactions.

Project Partners (alphabetically)

  • Education in Progress (Spain)
  • Hrvatski institut za razvoj obrazovanja (Croatia)
  • Life4You (Slovenia)
  • Pi Youth Association (Türkiye)
  • Rousse Industrial Association (Bulgaria)
  • Smart Idea (Slovenia)
  • Social Enterprise “Serwis” (Poland)
  • Youthfully Yours SK (Slovakia)

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