The UNITY project, initiated through collaboration during the Ukraine war, aims to assist refugee children/youth affected by war, emphasizing the importance of home and belonging. The objectives include empowering refugees for meaningful participation in the resettlement country, enhancing the capacity of organizations supporting children and youth in this “dual” transitional process, and aligning with the call priority of “Relief for persons fleeing armed conflicts and other victims of natural or man-made disasters.”

Involving 60 volunteers from countries grappling with refugees, the project aims to engage 10 local refugees/asylum seekers in ESC activities. It seeks to create a network of NGOs prepared to tackle challenges faced by children/youth refugees in Europe and raise awareness about community involvement in the refugee situation.

Project partners contribute experience and resources to achieve goals and support each other’s work. They gain awareness of the impact of limited involvement in the refugee issue, understand the needs and challenges faced by refugees in integration, and recognize the new community’s responsibility to reach them and find common ground for integration.

The Objectives of the Project are:
– Capacitate 60 youngsters with competences to become actively involved in their sending communities in the work of alleviating the needs of refugees or displaced people.
– Give 10 local refugees/asylum seekers the chance to do ESC and contribute to the problem alleviation of their peers, while gaining competences that will be useful in their personal, educational, and social development.
– Creating a network of prepared NGO’s to tackled through the EQUIP approach a wider impact in diminishing the problem faced by children/youth refugees in Europe.
– Raise awareness about the importance of community involvement in the situation of the refugees, especially in regard to children/youth, through the virtual exhibitions “Giant Doll’s House”.

The Project Partners are (alphabetically):
-Asociacion Las Ninas Del Tul – Spain
-Asociatia Nationala De Sprijinire A Tineretului Ecologist Din Romania – Romania
-Pi Youth Association – Türkiye
-Scambieuropei Ets – Italy
-Youth Network For Development And Innovation – Jordan

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