The project “Youth Against Discrimination” is a youth exchange with two mobilities funded by the Turkish-German Youth Bridge (Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke).

The main aim of our project is to eliminate the prejudices faced by the Turkish minority living in Germany and the Turkish-German community in Turkey. The Turkish-German community is confronted with prejudices in Germany because they do not fit in with the society they live in and have different cultural incompatibilities. Our project aims to create intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation to eliminate the sense of belonging of Turkish-German citizens arising from prejudices. The project aims to promote EU values through discussions based on intercultural learning.

The project aims to increase positive evaluations of the Turkish minority in Germany and the Turkish-German community in Turkey and to eliminate prejudices.

  • Prejudices prevent people from accessing equal rights and opportunities. Prejudices against German-Turkish citizens can prevent them from fully experiencing equality and justice in the social, economic and political spheres in Germany. The elimination of discrimination ensures that every individual is judged based on equality and justice.
  • Prejudices faced by the Turkish minority living in Germany and the Turkish-German community in Turkey can negatively affect social cohesion and integration. Prejudices may increase segregation, alienation and discrimination between individuals of different cultures and origins. Eliminating biases strengthens social cohesion and integration and supports the culture of living together.
  • Prejudices are contrary to the principles of human rights. Respect for the different cultural, ethnic and linguistic identities of each individual is a fundamental principle of human rights. Eliminating prejudices against German-Turkish citizens promotes a society where human rights are upheld and all rights are respected.
  • Prejudices can have a negative impact on social peace and security. In an environment where prejudices are widespread, societal tensions and divisions can arise. Reducing biases and making people more understanding and respectful towards each other contribute to social peace and a safe environment.
  • Prejudices can prevent people from realising their potential. Negative stereotypes and discrimination against German-Turkish citizens can limit their progress in education, employment and other areas of life. Eliminating prejudices ensures that everyone has equal opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Eliminating prejudice promotes several essential values, such as equality, justice, social cohesion, human rights, social peace, security and the realisation of individuals’ potential. Therefore, reducing prejudice and building an inclusive society is of paramount importance. Also, project objectives;

  • To promote intercultural dialogue and understanding between young people from Turkey and Germany.
  • To promote non-formal education techniques and EU values among the participants.
  • To prevent stereotypes and discrimination that Turkish Germans face in life.
  • To develop the political personality and social activities of Turkish Germans.
  • To establish links with local contacts and to observe work on youth participation.

The first mobility of our project will be held in İzmir on 5-10 February 2024, and the second mobility will be held in Hamburg on 8-13 April 2024, with the participation of 24 young people from two countries.

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