Abacıoğlu Hanı, one of the substantial buildings that reflects the rich history of Izmir and bears the traces of the Ottoman period rises with a unique elegance in the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar which is in the heart of the city. This inn, built towards the end of the 19th century represents much more than a building. It has served as a center of trade and cultural interactions throughout its history.

The architecture of Abacıoğlu Hanı reflects the aesthetic understanding of the Ottoman period and attracts attention as a unique synthesis of Greek and Ottoman elements. The details and decorations on the exterior of it reflect the skill and aesthetic sensitivity of the craftsmen of that period. In the interior, its large courtyard and porticoes offer a social area where merchants are used as a meeting point. 


The current state of Abacıoğlu Hanı stands out as a restored and exactingly preserved heritage. The shops and workshops located inside the inn offer a wide range of products, from traditional handicrafts to modern designs. While going around this place, visitors go on a historical journey and have the opportunity to see almost forgotten handicrafts up close.Abacıoğlu Hanı is a lively place that keeps the history and cultural heritage of Izmir alive. This place still inspires visitors today as a point where the past and the future embrace. For the people who come to Izmir, Abacıoğlu Hanı continues to be an indispensable stop for those who wants to experience something unforgettable and intertwined with history and discover the cultural richness of the city.”

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