According to some sources, Ayşe Hanım the wife of Izmir notable Katipzade Mehmet Pasha had the mosque built in 1774 and According to the some other sources, Ayşe Hanım, the daughter of Derviş Ağazade Mehmet Pasha had the mosque built in 1774. There was also a madrasah next to the mosque, but unfortunately it hasn’t survived to the present day.

  The mosque is an elegant building in the classical Ottoman architectural style with a single dome and a single minaret. The facade of the mosque is decorated with turquoise colored tiles.                                                     The marble decorations on the door of the mosque are the work of Architect Tahsin Sermet and the clock of the mosque was given as a president by the  German emperor ll. Wilhelm.

The mosque was repaired by Governor Rahmi Bey during World War I. An inscription indicating this repair is located on the entrance door. The mosque was repaired two more times in 1964 and 1997. With these repairs, the tiles of the mosque were also renewed.

Izmir Konak Mosque is a historically important work. It is also considered as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and elegant among the Ottoman mosques.

                                                                                                                                                                Canberk K.

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