Did you know konak pier was drawn by Gustave Eiffel? Gustave Eiffel is also the same person who designed the symbol of Paris and one of the most famous building in the world, Eiffel Tower. Not many people know this, including most Izmir residents. 

It was built in 1867 to be used as a duty building in Izmir and is located close to Konak Square and the Clock Tower, which are important symbols of Izmir. Konak Pier, which blends the historical past and cultural texture of Izmir in a modern way and brings it together with the shopping and living center, stands spread out on a ground looking the spectacular view of the Izmir Bay.

It takes you into an atmosphere that fascinates you with its elegant architecture and sea view. It contains various shops and boutiques that attract shopping enthusiasts. It also appeals to your taste buds with its restaurants and cafes that also offer eating and drinking options.

Pier’s open terraces are one of the perfect places where you can feel the sweet, cool breeze and watch the uniquely beautiful Izmir view to your heart’s content. While the blue cover of the sea offers endless calm, the waves hit the shore softly. As the day begins to breathe its last breath, it bids farewell to the sun with compassion. Oranges and pinks begin to dance,painting the sky like a dazzling canvas.

Especially watching the sun set from here allows you to make unforgettable memories and feel like you are breathing.

This place, which has welcomed different people since the past, combined tastes, textures and smells and brought them under its roof, takes its place among the must-see places in Izmir.

When you come to Izmir, do not leave here without seeing this place located near Konak square. In fact, do not forget to bid farewell to the day here while watching the sunset with a coffee and enjoy this beautiful moment to the fullest.

                                                                                                                                                                   Özlem A.

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