The opening of the Cucuteni Museum, which we have been working on for a long time, the Latvian night, the Romanian night, the trip we made with our big local volunteer’s team, the departure of Krista and Leire, whom we have been a family for over 6 months, meeting our new French friend… This is how much we have packed into the shortest month of the year!

February was an extremely active, extremely funny, and extremely sad month for me. We opened our Cucuteni Alternative museum, on which we have been working for 3-4 months, and we received very good reactions. Apart from that, we received the support of ”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University Museum to host our alternative exhibition, and we had the chance to meet over 30 history students and present our work. For me, it was a moment that showed that all the tiredness and effort were worth it. After the reactions I got while I was stressing about how it would be, I made sure that we were doing good things. It was an incredible experience for me to explain the culture of the country I live to the people of this country.

We also had our midterm training this month and we had the chance to learn about different projects by meeting other volunteers in Romania. Afterward, we had a very enjoyable time as a team during our trip with local volunteers and got to know each other better.

In February, we had a great time with Latvian and Romanian nights on weekends, with plenty of food, dancing, and singing.

As the end of the month approached, we had to say goodbye to Krista and Leire because their volunteer projects were over. I said goodbye to two people with whom I spent the whole day, I learned, I laughed and I talked a lot and I felt that we understand each other even if we do not share the same language, religion, and culture. While I was delighted with their new life, I felt very lucky we shared my time with them and all the memories passed before my eyes. I am very sure that one day our roads will intersect in another part of the world.

The monthly report was written by Kübra Akarsu. She is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0, a project funded by the European Solidarity Corps, with the support of the European Union. 

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