Association Alternativi international from Bulgaria has implemented the long term strategic volunteering project Volunteering 4 Strategic development in the period of 2018 and 2020. The project was financed by Erasmus+ program –the program for youth, training and sport of the European Commission.

The project hosted overall of 58 volunteers-8 for long term period of 9 months and 50 short term volunteers for 2 months. The project focused on strategic changes related to ensuring access to quality youth information, changing the cultural model by providing extracurricular and leisure activities for young people ; promoting volunteering as a value and encouraging more young people to take part in volunteering activities on local and international level. On local level the project contributed to ensuring equal access of young people to quality youth information by creating the first youth space in Blagoevgrad city the headquarters of the organization/ -The Place. The Place is our very own youth center in the heart of Blagoevgrad! The Place was opened March 2018 and provided various opportunities for local young people- information campaigns, cultural events, workshops, trainings, seminars and all types of social and youth events. Moreover, The Place was also providing day to day consultation and information services for young people. The Place gave an opportunity for local young people to develop their ideas and implement them there-many young people used the Place for their ideas and workshops.

Moreover, the project contributed to promoting Erasmus+, ESC and other mobility programs for youth trough various activities-such as Youth Caravan campaign- he volunteers had the chance to visit more than 20 cities around Bulgaria, met more than 10 000 young people and spread the word about educational opportunities and the value of volunteering. Our aim was to provide young people with information and opportunities, provided by Erasmus+ in creative way. Moreover, our volunteers have created our very own TV channel for youth. Alternativi TV showed you regularly what is going on in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and of course EVS life in Blagoevgrad! Each month our volunteers have been preparing TV shows, related to youth and volunteering-from one side sharing their personal experience as volunteers, spreading information about Erasmus+ and ESC, motivating other youth to volunteer and get on board of Erasmus+.

Furthermore, during the project the volunteers had the chance to contribute to the local community by organizing various social campaigns and charity events to raise funds and help people in need. In addition to that volunteers weekly took part in charity cooking for homeless and people with fewer opportunities.

At the end, we have created a final booklet to share the amazing journey of 58 volunteers from across Europe and the results and outcomes of Volunteering 4 Strategic Development! Have a look at this booklet to get inspired from the amazing achievements of those 58 motivated and active young volunteers!

The Volunteer of AGH-167 Bulgaria Project “Yiğitcan Karan”
Pi Gençlik Derneği (Pi Youth Association)

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