Yaz Çalışmaları - Trabajos de Verano, Şili

During my 6-month project in Chile, the beginning of January marked a departure from my usual office routine. My hosting organization, TECHO, provides young people with an opportunity to support those in need by participating in 10-day construction projects. The projects range from building houses, toilets, and playgrounds, depending on the needs of the local community (el campamento). In my case, our objective was to install 41 street lamps. The most challenging part of the work was digging a 1-meter deep hole, 60 cm in width and length. The dry ground and hot weather made the task particularly tough.

However, Trabajos de Verano is not just about construction. Groups of young volunteers live together for ten days in local schools. Before and after work, there are workshops and classes on different topics, such as the issue of migration and refugees in Latin America, the personal stories of people living in communities where we help, or simply the impact of providing assistance. This was a very fruitful and thought-provoking opportunity that enriched our overall experience.

Spending 10 days with young Chileans was also a valuable chance for me to understand the perspective of that generation and their views on the problems facing the country. We engaged in many constructive and interesting conversations. By the way, it was a perfect opportunity for me to improve my Spanish-speaking skills, which I greatly appreciate. On the last evening, the street lamps were officially switched on, marking a time for a communal celebration with the community, which prepared a barbecue for us. It was an absolutely moving moment

Trabajos de Verano is an amazing example of engaging young volunteers by giving them the opportunity to support those in need and drawing their attention to societal issues. I am happy that for 10 days, I could step away from my desk and become a part of this amazing event and a valuable agent of change!

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