Hi Everyone. I’m Utku. I would like to tell you about my organization in Austria where I volunteered and what I did here. But first of all, I think it would be right to talk a little bit about the reason I applied to this project, my thoughts before my arrival and my thoughts after I arrived.

I graduated from Yalova University, Department of International Relations. Before I graduated, I wanted to take part in such a project. I fell into that void after graduation. And I wanted to learn a foreign language, add something to myself and help to people. Since I know that all of these requests are met by ESC projects, I applied. I received acceptance from a few places. As a result, I decided that Austria was the best place for me and the process started.

This project was my first experience abroad. And before I came, I had superficial information about this place. After I arrived, I could say that I really got into a different culture and this situation fed me a lot. I felt an extreme tension on my way here. The hospitable attitude of the person who greeted me the day I arrived, the warm welcome of my housemates and the helpful attitude of my colleagues greatly relieved my tension. Because it was a much more warm welcome than I expected.

At the institution where I volunteered, there were different groups dealing with disabled people of all ages. We were dealing with elderly and disabled people in my group. We were helping them with their daily lives.

From the moment they wake up in the morning, preparations for starting the day, from washing hands and face to wearing daily clothes. Then we would help with the breakfast. Afterwards, lunch and dinner. Since I was a volunteer, I did not take responsibility for these actions, I generally helped my other colleagues in a way that supported them, and they always asked if I wanted to do it when they asked me for help. When something happened that I didn’t want to do, they respected it and didn’t force me to do it. Apart from these, I was doing activities such as playing musical instruments, singing, doing puzzles, playing with toys, and going for a walk together. I was singing with someone who likes to sing. I was doing puzzles with someone who enjoys jigsaw puzzles. However, I was also trying to do activities as a group or collectively. I would try to find out or discover what they enjoy and make sure they have a good time with a game or a toy.

The Volunteer of ESC-005 Austria Project “Utku Akçın”
Pi Gençlik Derneği (Pi Youth Association)

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