I am Rezan Erman, I am a student of Hydrogeology Engineering at Hacettepe University. I took a 1-year break from school and took part in a Social Project in Austria / Linz Erasmus + for 12 months as a volunteer student in which the disabled and elderly people are supported to take place in the society. I had a wonderful year in which I was able to add skills away from my comfort zone to direct my choices and decide where I do not want to live.

While researching all the possibilities of abroad with my best friend, we discovered Pi Youth Association on the internet. As a result, I came to Austria at the same time and my friend got involved in another project in Portugal.

I started the ESC process in July with the goal of learning German and improving my English, which is my biggest motivation, and got accepted in October. I can now say that after my project I got more than I wanted from the project.

I met Pi Youth Association in my first call with my hosting organization requesting the sending organization from me. When I shared it with CV mi Pi Youth Association, I quickly got a positive response. I was always supported by the Pi Youth Association from my meeting to the current project end process. And it was absolutely unprofessional that they made sure I was worry-free at the outbreak of the pandemic.

I made many projects and applications from different countries, participated in many Skype interviews and received approval from many places. I did not rush to wait for approval from native German countries, and I got the approval from Austria for all my efforts. I was able to get through my application process in a patient and solution-oriented manner easily.

ESC Projects are very high-quality European projects for us, who have a difficult visa, have a large exchange rate with Europe and therefore cannot go abroad with little money.In this 1 year, every young person does not know anyone, does not know his language, has to exist on his own, other visions. I believe that he can reach everyone with love and respect, regardless of language, culture or religion.

My work colleagues, working conditions and foreign volunteer friends are the factors that contribute the most to me in this process that I want it to never end. Many times I have attended traditional celebrations with my colleagues, dinner invitations with their families, trips. Being sincere, sincere, helpful, respectful and beloved has accelerated my adaptation, especially the impressive cultures in local places. This important process like ESC is here and with these people. should be realized because there are so many factors that we can add to ourselves, take as an example and adopt idols here. I absolutely admired the hospitality, respect and tolerance of the Linz people. I would like to particularly honor and when you go to Linze, I would like you to meet dear Marcus, who works at Schlosserei Werkstatt, as a colleague and chef who will enchant every volunteer with his incredible fatherly and support.

We have a very productive work plan with the elderly and disabled individuals on behalf of daily activities, such as weaving, sewing, preparing souvenirs, game development, greeting cards, preparing products for business centers, daily activities in the workshop on a full-time basis. Apart from these, we organized very nice dinner and cake-coffee parties on special occasions. We became very close friends with my chefs and did mountain walks, family dinners, city trips.I am very grateful to all my colleagues.

German through learning my business friends and other volunteers, friends enter very strong efforts to gerekiyor.Bize that pretty much affection me this limited process for many keyifli.grammatik I experienced learning by communicating and much memnunum.türkiye Back when I still myself to something in German without terminating my learning process as well I add.

I am sure that reaching our awareness by starting alone away from external voices and meeting many people in order to discover ourselves, our skills and our desires will carry everyone forward.I am sure that our awareness will also be reflected in the people we affect. The important thing is to take action.


The Volunteer of AGH-104 Austria Project “Rezan Erman”
Pi Gençlik Derneği (Pi Youth Association)

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