Hello everyone. I’m Su. I want to share with you my ESC project that I have completed in Czech Republic When I read blog posts or chat with other volunteers that I met, I noticed that the applicants are students who are still studying or are recent graduates, and that’s why, my story may sound different to you.

Before this ESC project, I completed my education and worked for an international company for a year, continuing my everyday life. At the same time I was trying to be a part of the volunteering activities in Turkey. When I found out that some of my friends were volunteering abroad, I started researching ESC projects and applied.I was very happy when I learned that I was accepted.The next step was the preparation. I had a limited time and Pi Youth Association helped me a lot with the documents. After I got my visa without any problems, I remember clearly the day I got on the plane and got there.

Honestly, I wasn’t nervous and worried.. Knowing that there was someone from the host organization coming to greet me made me calm. Then we went to my accommodation and I started to settle down. My real story started after that day.

My project was about working with children in kindergarten and doing activities with them. It was a unique experience for me and I can say it was the best year of my life. We learned together with the children, we did activities together, painting, music lessons, etc. We organized numerous activities, trips and competitions. It was an amusing, enlightening and educational volunteer experience for me.

I’ve met amazing people and I still miss them all. They never made me feel the absence of my family, I felt they were always with meAt the same time, Pi Youth Association has always been in contact with me and received information about whether my project is on track. I never felt lonely when I was there.

I made very valuable friends. I have brought new people into my life and for me, this is very valuable. Maybe I will never meet them again but I will always remember these people for their kindness to me and I am grateful to them.

As for travel, I was thinking that I could be a little more active as the weather warmed, but when Covid19 appeared, my plans did not come true as I wanted.However, despite this situation, I saw many countries and tried to travel as much as I could. I have collected many memories and many beautiful days.. I believe it is an experience everyone should have..


The Volunteer of AGH-188 Czech Republic Project “Sümeyya Karslı”
Pi Gençlik Derneği (Pi Youth Association)

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