Here is my volunteer experience;
I began a new adventure by joining the European Solidarity Corps volunteer program at the Karvina Regional Library. This small Czech town became a turning point in my life, giving me unforgettable experiences and the chance to build valuable relationships. In this article, I will share my time as a volunteer in Karvina and what it meant to me.

When I volunteered at the library, I helped organize events for visitors of all ages. I also took photos, made social media posts, and set up virtual reality activities. I had chance to introduce my country, my culture, and about volunteering projects for young people. It was cool to meet locals and encourage people from different cultures to talk to each other.

Volunteering in Karvina was full of great memories. Time felt slower here, which was nice. I liked that there wasn’t much traffic and people weren’t rushing around. Plus, the city had peaceful nature spots. I love traveling, and Karvina’s location was awesome for that because it was close to big cities.Going to local festivals and exploring the streets helped me get to know the city and its people better. Chatting with locals and seeing how they lived made me understand their culture more.

My time in Karvina helped me think about my future. After volunteering, I want to keep studying in Prague. I hope to find jobs where I can connect my country and this place. This experience was an unforgettable journey for me. The new friends I made and the things I learned helped me grow. I am excited to share what I have learned and gained from this experience with people from other cultures. I hope that my story will inspire some young people, and Karvina will once again welcome young people like me with open arms.

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