Youth Rights and Problems

Pi Youth Association is interested in primarily the subjects of unemployment, education, access to information, minority youths, young women, disabled young people, youth rights, youth problems and youth policies all projects, events and activities for disadvantaged youngsters who are between 15-30 ages.

Time for Volunteering

Pi Youth Association maintains awareness and dissemination activities for sustainable volunteering activities. Also, Association works for dissemination of volunteering and working for more young people join the NGOs. Volunteering time is about how many hours you volunteer in a week.

Technology-Based Development

One of the main conditions of development is to increase the economic capacity. That is possible by developing high value-added products and services in our era. It is not only the fact that our country starts to produce technology; but it cannot be accomplished with the provision of physical infrastructure and financial support. The young people who are the partner of today and wish of coming days need to be ready as having awareness and education for it in order to the fact that this process can be succeeded. We are producing projects, in which youths use more technological tools, aimed at developing and we are improving our young people’s ability to use and produce technology. It means that we are trying to actively involve in the human factor besides the economic and physical elements in the technology mobilization of our country.

Healthy Life

Healthy a community constitutes of healthy individuals. It is ensured that young people should have positive attitudes and behaviors on the subject of healthy living in order to guarantee community’s health in the future. Pi Youth Association organizes projects and activities on this subject in order to contribute to it.

Civil Society Capacity Building (Just for Youth Organizations)

Our association, who carries out capacity building activities for non-governmental organizations applying only youth oriented activities, creates&conducts projects and gets into partnerships in this field. Our association identifies NGO’s deficiencies in macroscale and tries to fulfill them.

Social Media Analyses

Rapid development of technology in the recent period has led to the appearance of term “social media”. Social media is so common any longer that it has become a channel that especially effects youths for 24 hours. Therefore, the reflection is also great on young people. They access everything easily and quickly in the channel where every organization working on youth activities should have detailed knowledge.