My name is Victoryia and I am a new volunteer at “Pi Youth Association”. I think that I should start my first report with a short story about myself. Well, I’m 19 years old and I’m Belarusian. For the last 2 years, I lived and studied in Poland, and then I packed my whole life into one suitcase and came to Turkey. Here I will live and work for 6 whole months, but I already like everything madly. Fruits, the sea, and wonderful people are my dreams.

I am extremely happy to be part of “Pi Youth Association” because organizing events is my passion. Before that, I was working as a social media and event manager in Poland. Also, my hobbies are photo and video shooting. I am studying Business Management and I hope to combine all my passions into one business. At the moment I live with the rest of the volunteers in an apartment. All of them are from Germany. Very kind, friendly and so helpful with everything. My first week in Turkey went by very quickly. Lots of new information, acquaintances, and adventures. I have never lived in such a big city, so I can still get lost in the endless number of districts and streets of Izmir.

Turkey has very tasty food, so I’m already thinking about signing up for a gym. On this wonderful note, I have already been in Turkey for a month.  During this month, I completely got used to Izmir, I started learning Turkish and I can already order or buy something on my own. I made new friends, managed to travel, and spend my free time in a fun and interesting way, and I also already orient myself a little in the city without a map. To be honest, I am still amazed by the responsiveness and friendliness of Turkish people, because in Europe it was completely different. Here everyone tries to speak, help or suggest something, even if he does not speak English at all. By the way, the small number of people who speak English was initially a problem for me, but over time I quickly adapted to Turkish and, it seems to me, that this is a way to learn the language faster.

This month I visited 3 new cities at once: Istanbul, Bursa, and Cesme. My biggest regret was visiting cities when it was raining, so I got sick halfway through my trip. These cities left a good impression of themselves, but I still like Izmir more. And if I was offered to move somewhere now, then I wouldn’t have made any choices. As for my volunteer activities, I have already conducted workshops and I will be glad to see you there! In fact, I am happy to work at Pi Youth Association. There is a very friendly team, everyone helps and supports each other. I used to think office work wasn’t for me, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ve been coming to the office for a month now and I don’t regret it at all. In general, my life is in full swing. Combining work, study and life are very difficult, but still possible. I hope that I will have more free time in summer, cause I like swimming and would like to spend my time on the beach. Have a nice day and thanks for reading!

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