My name is Angelika Agnieszka Nadzieja Glusiec. I am Polish, but I also I lived in Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Now I am here in Izmir, Turkey, as part of the volunteer work of the Youth Pi Youth Association. I chose long-term volunteering for 1 year. I arrived here on September 2. It was my birthday on September 22, so I started my 25th year here.

This is not my first volunteering because I was volunteering in Poland for 3 years. In the voluntary service I was involved in for 3 years, I performed the same function as a regional coordinator in ”Akademıa Przyszloscı”.

The first time I left my country to live abroad, I was 19 years old. I went to Sicily and took part in an international project for 2 months. A while later I took part in another international project and returned to Italy for another 2 months. So, in short, this is how my life story abroad began.


Türkiye is the fifth country where I live. How did it happen and why did I choose this particular project?

So, it was the beginning of 2023, January to be precise. At that time, I lived in Amsterdam. One evening I was sitting alone in my room, and I started to think about what I would like to do next in my life. So, I decided with full satisfaction that I wanted to live in another country and go on my last trip. The first and only one that came to my mind was Türkiye. 

For many years I have also been thinking about taking part in the European Solidarity Corps. So, I decided that I would combine these two things. I started looking for projects in Turkey and calling various organizations in Poland. In the meantime, I was accepted for two projects, one here in Izmir, Turkey and the other in Germany. So, the decision started to become difficult because I started having 2 options. But ultimately, I chose Turkey and it was a very difficult but wonderful choice. My first thought was a very good choice.


About volunteering; I’m running a workshop on English conversation club. I have 3 wonderful groups. Turkish people are wonderful, nice, friendly, and helpful. I am wholeheartedly happy that I can work with him. Volunteering met my expectations in terms of activity. Overall, I meet great people here. Of course, I love them. On all sides, the people here are great, my students, other volunteers, office workers and mentors, of course. Thanks to the people living here, Türkiye is becoming my favourite country. Of course, I also like the city very much, especially traveling by ship. There are many things I like very much here. I really like this volunteer activity. I mean running an English conversation club. I like it because I can be creative and conduct my own classes while learning English.

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