Another months, another adventures!

November and December were very intense months. Especially November! I started working with children. And it turned out that maybe thanks to this I found my vocation and I already know what I want to do after the project in Izmir.

Where I come to teach English, I’m treated like family. And Vice Versa! The headmistress calls me “kızım”, the children call me “Abla”.
And that’s why I love Turkey so much! How easy here is to become a family! Everybody’s so hospitable! Our tutor also proved it, by inviting us to his family home for a barbecue.Where we met his family and new side of Turkish cuisine.

In November, together with Begüm, Triin and Melika, we visited Foça, where also turned out that Turkish hospitality is not a stereotype but a real fact! We visited schools and universities inviting people to our classes. We also visited the center of this small town and took some pictures. The village is wonderful although you have to spend a lot of time to get to it.

At the turn of November and December I also had the opportunity to take advantage of the Turkish Airlines offer! We use them to go to Rize because all volunteers from Turkey had there midterm training.It was soo nice, we met so nice people. And we enjoyed the luxuries that the National Agency provides us:) Finally, I could use a bath! The only problem there was with our health conditions… after sleeping in Istanbul airport most of us were dead. (of course it’s a metaphor) But unfortunately, in fact, each of us didn’t  feel the best which made it difficult to use the resources of the “tea city”:) It doesn’t  change the fact that we took a lot of lessons from the series of meetings and I, personally, really liked it:)

Unfortunately, when I came back I was in a terrible state and for 1.5 weeks I was only in bed. But luckily I read one book and made up for movie classics but still I didn’t know what to do with myself…

In fact, I had only a week of work because on December 16th I was flying to Poland for Christmas break to make a surprise for my family.
(The surprise was very successful – my dad cried when he saw me) I stayed in Poland for a very long time, all Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I visited all my friends, talked to my whole family, hugged my cat, played with my brother.

I had a really great time. Very intense. I’ve been in cinema four times and read about five paper books. I drank as much aperol as I could fit + don’t even ask how many pieorogi I ate. It doesn’t change the fact that I’ve recharged my batteries. Although, to be honest, it wasn’t easy for me to come back here. I really appreciate my  Polish life and my relations there. Nevertheless, I am glad that after such a long trip (I had a forced overnight stay in Berlin) I managed to come to Izmir safely.

So I’m ready for new adventures!

P.S My family send you kisses from Poland!


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