Nepal, despite being praised for its success in reducing poverty, and inequality, still faces significant challenges in economic growth. Its landlocked location, difficult terrain, and political instability hinder progress. 

Our “Youth, We Can!” ESC Humanitarian Aid project aims to tackle issues affecting young people, women, and children.

  • It will focus on raising awareness about children’s rights, improving social skills, and providing training for parents. 
  • Additional, it will address job creation, education, and gender equality for young people.
  • Empowering women is another key focus.We’ll work towards increasing their participation in economic, educational, and social spheres.
  • Finally, “Youth, We Can!” project will address the critical issues of healthcare, particularly in rural areas where doctor access is limited. Our project aims to improve healthcare access and promote overall well-being for all ages. 

Over three cycles (150 days each), 24 young Europeans will join efforts in Nepal. This two year ESC Humanitarian Aid project, driven by Pi Youth Association (Türkiye), ICJA (Germany), and VIN (Nepal), aims to empower communities and build a brighter future for all in Nepal. 

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