Glean (English)

Project Name : Glean
Project Type : Erasmus Plus KA1-Youth Exchange
Subjects : EU Citizenship, Democracy, Social Dialogue
Project Venue : İzmir – Turkey
Project Dates : 1th February 2018 – 31th January 2019
Project Duration : 12 Months
Activity Dates : 03 – 12 August 2018
Number Of Participant : 6 Participants + 1 Group Leader (Total 7 person from each country)
Age Limit : Participants have to be between 18 – 29 years old. Group leaders have to be over than +18 and no limit. Total project group will be 42 person (36 participants + 6 leaders)
Partner Countries : France, Italy, Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey (6 countries)

In our country, in Europe and all over the world, the media’s effect on these topics are very huge;Increasing racist tendencies, popular culture, hate speech, etc. Nevertheless, the media is not just written, visual and audio press. Now social media has become a very important tool especially for young people to get news and get information. These developments brought with it the problems of unconscious news consumption, misinformation, lack of media literacy and some other problems. As a group of 6 from different countries of Europe working and making activities with young people, we are planning to pass on our dream of “Glean” project to raise awareness and awareness about media literacy. Glean is a media literacy project for young people and organizations which are working with youths. In this project, we will discuss the perception and awareness of young people about each other’s countries through media and real experiences. Participants will realize in our project how the perception of these countries is formed through the media, while reflecting the perceptions and observations of countries with past and new experiences and project partners on the one hand, on the other hand. This will give them a better understanding of how the media works and how they work and make concrete comparisons. With our project, young people will gain information and awareness about media literacy as well as detailed information about each other’s countries, cultures and backgrounds. With the project, the negative judgments and perceptions between countries and young people will be avoided due to the consumption of media tools and unconscious media. We are also planning to overcome these negative judgments and contribute to the EU’s ability to co-exist. Our project includes formal and non-formal learning methods for media literacy. My story, news confirmation workshop, “Being Young in My Country” newspaper and etc. are some of these common learning techniques. Also our project includes cultural trip,exhibition and outdoor activities. The activity program will take place in İzmir, Turkey on 03-12 August 2018 with the participation of 36 young and 6 leaders from 6 countries. With the “Glean” project, which is meant to be “comprehended”, our participants’ consciousness in the short term is to create awareness not only about the information they receive from the media but also about the fact that they do not make judgments about a country, society and culture and give importance to real experiences. One of our goals is to educate our participants how to become a conscious media consumer at the same time. In the long run, our aim is to create friendships and common values (EU values) united among our participants.


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Glean (English)

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  1. I am from America and i am living here in Izmir. I would love to teach English to any one willing to learn. You can contact by phone at 5426456815. Thank you and I’m hoping to here from you.

  2. I am from America and i am living here in Izmir. I would love to teach English to any one willing to learn. You can contact by phone at 5426456815. Thank you and I’m hoping to here from you soon.

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