Explore Project Press Release-01

The first press release of our project, “Explore: Motivating Youth into Intercultural Dialogue“, coordinated by the Consorzio Social Lab in Italy, was published in June 2020. Our project is financed by the European Union’s Erasmus Plus Key Action 2 “Strategic Partnerships for the Education of Youth” program. Our project, to which we applied for a […]

Explore: Motivating Youth into Intercultural Dialogue

When we do not understand global interconnectedness, we may be exposed to intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts, as we currently live in the EU. To prevent these conflicts today and in the future, we must equip young people with intercultural dialogue skills. When young people with intercultural dialogue skills meet their peers from different cultures, they […]

Youppi: Digital Youth Magazine

Taking its name from the combination of the words “youth” and “Pi”, Youppi is with you with its rich and beautiful content… 2nd issue of Youppi has a rich content that includes the following sections: Introduction of Pi Youth Association Preface by the President Interview with the Office Team (Mert Güzelkasap) Interview with Pixel Team […]