The MENTOR project is an Erasmus plus KA2 project that aims to strengthen the capacity of youth organizations by providing tools to enable them to easily implement mentoring activities as part of their activities.

International mobility projects are now seen in Europe as a new non-formal education opportunity for young people to gain new personal and professional competences and experiences. It is an important non-formal education experience for participants to advance their social and professional careers. Today, there are several international mobility programs that demonstrate the importance of such opportunities in our society. This project, which started in April 2023 and will last for 2 years, will prioritize strengthening the employability of young people, enabling people with fewer opportunities to participate in an international mobility project and making it a tool to revitalize their professional and/or personal lives.

The aim of the MENTOR project is to inform, train and prepare former mobility participants, professionals and people who have lived abroad for more than 3 months to become mentors of future mobility participants. By supporting future mobility participants, it will make European mobility more accessible and reduce the fears of future participants, especially young people who have fewer opportunities.

Project Partners (alphabetically)

  • Association for the Development of Citizen and European Initiatives (ADICE) (France)
  • Curba de Cultură (Romania)
  • Pi Youth Association (Türkiye)
  • Solidarity Association of Emerging Countries (ASPEm) (İtaly)
  • Volunteers Centre Skopje (North Macedonia)

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