The farewell month of 2021 could only be this beautiful! I think I went through all the culture shocks and adjusted to them. An important moment of December was, of course, Christmas, and I had never celebrated Christmas before. In general, I knew as much as I saw from movies and TV series. For me was familiar that every place was bright and decorated. Instead, in Romania, I discovered a whole world: dance performances everywhere, singing Christmas carols, Christmas markets, gifts, and mulled wine. I was really surprised by what was going on here. People in bear costumes danced on the streets, children started to sing all of a sudden on the trains, and people were walking around wearing deer crowns. Everywhere was so full of life that I felt very happy. I think I will remember these moments for the rest of my life.

We organized a Basque night at the beginning of December, and I ate many traditional dishes, I danced and learned about a nation I didn’t know much about. Also, the other good news for me this month is that I got my Romanian residence visa. Even though my mom was a bit offended when she got that ID, I will continue to show off with it :).

In December we continued to work on our project related to Cucuteni, we organized a gift-giving celebration with all the ASIRYS group and I had a nice meal with the other international volunteers, my family in Romania. Being like a family in a foreign country with people of a foreign language, race and culture make me feel very emotional. I will miss these feelings when I come back home.

Other than that, another word to describe December would be COLD!!! As a person who has rarely seen below 0 degrees, who lives in a place that does not exceed an inch when it snows, I felt very cold. While I thought I was resistant to the cold, it turned out that I had never been in the cold before. While I couldn’t stand -5 in Târgu Frumos, I experienced -15 in Kiev, where I went for travel, and it was very difficult for me to tolerate it.

At the end of 4 months, I decided it was time to visit my family, I bought a ticket to Istanbul and spent New Year’s Eve with my family. The thing I missed the most at home is the black tea. I will continue to drink 20 glasses a day until I return.

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