January has been the busiest month for me. I returned from Turkey where I spent my holidays with my family and got sick with Covid. As soon as I arrived in Romania, I immediately started working at the Cucuteni Alternative Museum. I had to give all my energy to finish my own work. I made a ceramic model for Cucuteni village, I designed three Cucuteni architectural designs and I applied Cucuteni patterns on the existing modern buildings. I watched many documentaries and read articles to understand this culture. It was a stressful month, but it was worth the effort.

But among all these works, the most important thing for me was to share my culture with people. We organized a movie night with the local volunteers and watched an important movie for all Turkish called ‘Hababam Sınıfı’. I introduced Turkish culture with food, dance, and songs. Actually, everybody had a little idea about Turkish culture, probably because of the Turkish volunteers who came before and the prevalence of Turkish TV series here. That’s why I didn’t have any trouble explaining my origins. This is truly recorded as one of my unforgettable memories.

The monthly report was written by Kübra Akarsu. She is volunteering within Arts Lab 3.0, a project funded by the European Solidarity Corps, with the support of the European Union. 

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