Merhaba, nasılsın? Hello everyone, as you can see, I try to improve my Turkish every day. Two weeks ago I passed the A1 level exam and I can say that it was very difficult. Actually not only that, my whole month is so hard for me. The thing is, with the internship, I was trying to graduate from a university in Poland, and May & June are final exam times, so the last months have been without sleep, but the whole session is closed, and I finally graduated from my university. Now I have a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Today I would like to talk about a big problem from my point of view. Many people are afraid to go abroad, try something, etc. Many things stop them: fear, lack of money, difficulties with documents. But believe me, there are a huge number of opportunities in the world that you can take advantage of! Therefore, I would like to recommend everyone not be afraid, try, make mistakes, and try again! It will not be easy, but what an unforgettable experience you will get!

As for me, in general, I’m doing well, there is less time for traveling, but I’m sure I’ll fix it. My last trip was in May for my birthday, then I went to Fethiye and spent a wonderful weekend there in a villa with a pool.

 In everyday life, in addition to working in the organization, I started my project related to studying abroad, and I also try to constantly learn and improve. Now I am considering universities in Turkey for admission to the master’s program.

Every day I fall more and more in love with Izmir. Sea and mountains are the perfect combinations for me. Even though I only swam in the sea twice this year, I still love the feeling of the sea breeze every morning on my way to work. How cool it is when you can go out and sit by the sea at any time, and for the weekend get together with friends and go to the beach! In Belarus, one can only dream abo

I really like Turkish people. Everyone is very open and friendly. It is very cool that the organization helps me to meet interesting and purposeful people. All of them are filled with energy and want to change something. This reminds me very much of the Belarusian people.

Recently I thought about staying here longer, maybe after the internship, I will continue to volunteer in the organization and live Shortlyear future, and I will consider possible options for legalization here.

Very soon my parents will fly to me, I hope they will like it here as much as I do. I have to show them all the beauties of Turkey, as well as immerse them in Turkish culture and let them try all the variety of Turkish food.

Thank you for reading, I wish you a good day, güle güle!

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