It has given me more ambition and courage to get out of my own country and go to a completely different country, alone and determined. It made me act planned and disciplined. My host organization welcomed me very nicely. My excitement increased more when I saw them. The more I visited my studies, the more I started to want to stay as a volunteer. Natural life, sustainable living, and local people tell me that I’m alive and this is how I completed my adaptation process. I had the opportunity to get to know my other volunteer friends more closely this week when I will make friends and become like a family after two months. It reminded me of what a beautiful place the world is.

18 different people, different characters, about 6 different countries, and 6 different languages were deciphered together. I was still surprised by what I had learned about sustainable living. It was an education that taught us about proper living standards and living in mature conditions without harming our world. I felt developed, learned, and regretted not having lived this way before.
I was incredibly excited. The kids were my weak point. It was admirable to pass on what we know to them, to have fun with them, and to live their cultures together. Slovensko lake, about which I can’t say much, but I saw that it is a place of natural wonders. The local people know its value very well, have plans to renovate it, and it is used to accumulate a lot of good memories. For me, it was a pride to work as the first volunteer together with our organization as 2022-2 volunteers.

Helping local people, offering to prepare something for them, saving them from the way their children use to go to school, or rather trying to build a school near them felt like stepping into the future. Sports day was literally like a new adventure for me. of course, I’ve done and edited it in my own country before, but it was very different and incredible here. It was perfect to plan with different cultures, get their ideas, and prepare games for children growing up in different societies. It was very encouraging to be able to manage and participate, to decide to prepare for sports day again. I felt that I had improved my quick decision-making, disciplined preparation, and planning once again. Working with another special organization, especially working with an organization that has special people in it, and spending time sharing their talents has caused something very big in me. I believed in myself more and decided that I could continue my life with these studies and be happy. It’s like I was born for this.
The international evening was a tremendous night for me. I think that local people should continue and share these activities to get to know our cultures, get to know other cultures, join them, what a beautiful place the world is, and live well and beautifully. It was inspiring to share their knowledge of the talents of their hearts and to present my skills to them.

I really liked the use of what was learned after the fall feedback on first aid. It was very exciting to stay alone with yourself in the wooded area by the lake, do yoga, and then renovate and repair it for the children. Of course, it was surprisingly nice to give an interview on Croatian local television, to be in them, to experience their culture. I was very surprised by the burial system in some societies. Waste, worthless materials, waste, and PLASTIC in this study, I realized that I want to be an individual who cares about nature and protects it. I realized that these societies should be made aware of and that I should adopt the image made for respect and the image of how bad environmental pollution is to treat the world disrespectfully.

During my holidays, I saw and got to know more than one different country and culture thanks to this project. I have almost taken my English to the highest level. Thanks to Croatian, the local language; and in other countries, people began to understand me. When people realized that I was Turkish, they always wanted to talk. I’ve seen places that have very deep meanings. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia have a thousand kinds of cultural dishes and customs. Of course, I have improved my presentation ability and English by making presentations on holidays. There are mountains of differences between me before the project. There are not enough pages to describe it, but I realized that I was developing, maturing, and what I wanted more. Our project supervisor tried to be disciplined and flexible with a solution-oriented approach in all matters. He understood us and led us to solve problems. The deepest point was always to teach us something one step further. I wish I could extend this project longer if I had the opportunity, but I know that maybe I will come back a year from now, or I will never forget them in another project somewhere else. Thanks to our mentor, we saw local people in their particular, we had the opportunity to learn information such as how wine is produced in a winery, why grapes are different from how they are converted into wine, where they should grow, etc. on the spot. Our mentor provided support in all matters and was a knot solver as soon as possible with his practical intelligence.

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