My name is Melih IPEK, I was born in Kastamonu/Turkey in 1994. I have a sister who is a psychological counseling and guidance teacher. My parents are retired. I graduated from Kuzeykent Anatolian High School in 2012. Later, in 2018, I got into Kastamonu University, Business Administration department. I completed my master’s degree at Kastamonu University in, Management, and Organization program. During my master’s studies, three of my academic articles had been published in both national and international magazines.  I have been working as a volunteer at the T.C. Ministry of Youth and Sports since 2010. My task is to be an activity leader. I have worked in many youths and sports camps. I have been in many meetings with young people. I will introduce them to the cultural features of my country. Moreover, I worked as a digital marketing specialist at a company for 8 months in 2021 and resigned from my job. I did my military service between August and September of 2021.

Before I came here, I had a stressful life. It was my biggest dream to go to Europe and I made it happen. When I came to Latinovac, my English was not good. I tried to speak English as much as possible here. I’m sure I’m at a better level now. Please don’t hesitate to talk! Try to improve yourself here.  People here were very helpful.

We had the opportunity to visit different cities on our free days. It was great to travel to different cities. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to the locals. I had the opportunity to live here with participants from 8 different countries. I had a Spanish roommate/ Russian, German and Spanish housemate. I had friends from many countries. We sometimes worked with children. We did different activities here. I had the opportunity to learn Croatian basically though. We celebrated my birthday by partying at the old school. It was unforgettable for me. I got to know new cultures. I have shared my experiences with others. I have done many volunteering activities in this country. I also realized my biggest dream of volunteering in Europe. Thanks for everything.

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