What is European Volunteer Service? (EVS)

It’s a program ensuring you to participate in a volunteer activity for a short term (until 59 days) or long term (2-12 Months) in a program country or one of the neighboring partner countries you wish. Without the difference of gender, language, race, education level, all individuals, aged between 17 and 30 years, benefit from this program in these countries on equal footing.

The purpose of European Volunteer Service (EVS) is to support the participation of the youth in various volunteer activities inside and outside of European Union. Within the scope of this program, young people participate in the activities carried out by nonprofit organizations on an individual/ a group basis.

There is a condition for participating in this program: To be aged of between 17-30 years. There is not any language obligation, but if there is an interactive talking activity in the content of the project, a basic level language skill can be requested. This program is free of charge and basic needs of the participants are covered.

Who are the parties?

Volunteer (Participant): The young person, aged between 17-30 years, participating in the project. In a word: You

Hosting Organization: The organization being located abroad and in which you carry out your volunteer activities. Association, foundation, public institution etc.

Sending Organization: The organization carrying out your relations with the coordinating and host organization for your participation in a European Volunteer Service project abroad and making you ready for the project.

Coordinating Organization: The organization carrying out administrative and financial affairs during your volunteer project and being responsible for National Agency

NOT: Within the scope of EVS, every organization is not Sending, Hosting or Coordinating organization even if they are active in one of the country where EVS program is valid. For this, they must be accredited. Pi Youth Association is accredited as a Sending, Hosting or Coordinating organization within the scope of Erasmus+ Program. You can access the list of all accredited organizations here

National Agency: The agencies keeping budget in the countries in behalf of European Commission and ensuring the grant of your project.

Mentor: Counselor assigned to support you during European Volunteer Service in hosting organization. This person will help you four your integration to the country in which you are volunteer.

Which requirements are covered?

1) Transportation Expenses
2) Visa Expenses
3) Accommodation Expenses
4) Food Expenses (Three Meals a Day)
5) Health Insurance

Alongside above mentioned basic need, variable amount of pocket money according to related country is given to EVS participants during the project. This amount is given for your requirements except of above mentioned needs. A language support is ensured free of charge during your EVS period. During the project, a mentor is assigned to stand by you constantly by the hosting organization. You can contact with your mentor directly for all your requirements.

How is the process for volunteers (participants)?

There are two ways to participate in European Volunteer Service projects. You can fallow one of the ways and go abroad as a volunteer within the scope of Erasmus+ Program. But the first thing you must do: To find a Sending Organization for you in your home land.

First Way: To contact with a sending organization having an approved project at the present time and searching volunteer for this project. Then you can apply for this organization. If the accredited organization has a project and search volunteer, probably they share this project in their web sites, social media accounts and/or Facebook groups.

Second Way: You can find the project in the country in which you want to be a volunteer (for this you can use the Facebook groups and social media accounts of organizations). Then you can contact with them and if they accept your application, later you find a sending organization for you.

How will I apply for?

There are basic two things requested from you: A résumé (CV) prepared in the form of Europass and motivation letter. If you contact with directly hosting organization or your sending organization searches a project for you, they will request from you two these things. You can click here and create your Europass CV online in the related web site. Motivation letter is a simple and standard letter in which you will mention about yourself and your motivation for at issue project. It is a tool with which you tell about yourself and mention reasons for why they select you. Besides, if you wish tell about yourself better, you can benefit from some tools, For example: Short videos, poster etc.

These are basic information about EVS. In the period you will have some questions, therefore you don’t need to hesitate to contact with us or other accredited organizations. You can all your questions with telephone, e-mail etc.

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