Local Youth Associations Network (Turkey)

With the inclusion of Turkey to Erasmus Plus Programme in 2004, civil youth actions have started rapidly and continued to grow day by day since then. Owing to the great number of youth population and their potential, our country has become one of the countries where Erasmus Plus Programme is implemented most intensively and actively. Yet, the future looks brighter because the overall budget of Erasmus Plus Programme has been doubled by increasing from €15 billion to €30 billion with the European Union Commission’s resolution. This means that, in the following 8-year process, youth work in our country and Europe will grow more.

Despite the developments above and the past 15 years’ positive experience, youth associations in our country are still active in a quite limited area and prefer to benefit just from the Erasmus Plus Programme. Youth associations do not put the necessary effort in the area of youth rights and issues. However, along with offering opportunities abroad, youth associations must create solutions to the problems of young population they represent, and to be able to do that they must take a long-term supportive step and strive to advocate youth rights. For this reason, Pi Youth Association, an association active in youth rights and issues, starts a new project on January 1, 2020 which includes the whole country of Turkey and takes the first steps to found “Local Youth Associations Network” in Turkey.

Officially named “Empowerment of Youth Associations for Rights-based and Inclusive Youth Network”, “Local Youth Associations Network” project will carry out a number of activities to empower youth associations in the rights-based area, make them more inclusive and enhance their cooperation with each other. These activities are:

  • Search Conferences
  • Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Fieldworks
  • Founding of the Youth Network
  • Empowering Training Activities
  • Founding a Data Bank

The activities above that will be the first activities of “Local Youth Network” are going to be conducted within the scope of “Empowerment of Youth Associations for Rights-based and Inclusive Youth Work” project and will be continued afterwards within other projects.

To keep up with the notices and activities about “Local Youth Associations Network” program you can visit our website regularly and follow us on social media. For all the questions and comments about the project, you can contact us through youth.network@pigenclikdernegi.org e-mail address or via phone by calling +90 232 483 03 14.

“This project is created within the scope of Hrant Dink Foundation Grant Programme with the support of the European Union. The content is completely under the responsibility of Pi Youth Association, and does not reflect the views and opinions of the European Union and/ or Hrant Dink Foundation.”

Local Youth Associations Network (Turkey)

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