“Solidarity Action for Sustainable and Inclusive Development” ESC Humanitarian Aid project unites Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America to combat climate change and empower vulnerable communities. Led by NGOs from Austria, Germany and Türkiye, the project sends 16 young European volunteers to support disaster relief, rehabilitation, and sustainable development efforts in Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, and Vietnam.

Key Goals:
Strengthen the resilience of communities affected by climate change and disasters.
-Promote inclusion and environmental action through community-based activities.
-Enhance disaster preparedness and empower vulnerable groups.
-Provide young Europeans with valuable volunteering experience and global connections.

Project Highlights:
-Two 10-month volunteer cycles engaging 16 young Europeans.
-Activities focused on inclusion, climate action, and sustainable development.
-Civic and intercultural education program for volunteers.
-Extensive dissemination campaign promoting diversity, climate action, and SDGs.

Participating Organizations (alphabetical):
-Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Café (Brazil)
-Center For Sustainable Development Studies (Vietnam)
-Grenzenlos (Austria)
-ICJA E.V. (Germany)
-International Christian Youth Exchange – Ghana
-International Christian Youth Exchange – Nigeria
-Pi Youth Association (Türkiye)

This project showcases the power of international cooperation in addressing global challenges like climate change and building a more sustainable future for all.

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