I think this month was the busiest month so far.  We went to Moldova for 5 days for the Caravan event. 5 days, 5 different places and schools, hundreds of students… To be honest, it was a very tiring event, but I think we managed it somehow.🙈 We organized workshops and contacted a lot of children and youth.  And we got very good feedback.  I think we were able to make them love art a little bit.🎬 🎶🎨

We went to the Orheiul Vechi region.  We visited the open air museum, which is still under construction.  It was very impressive to be among the first to see that area.  Then we went to many more villages and finally to the center of Chișinău.  Then we returned to our house.

I call it our home because Romania has become like our home now 💜. We all noticed this on the way back.  We experienced that feeling of relief after being home. 🙏 And of course we are running out of time here.  We are right in the middle of the project.  Time flies so fast.  This makes me feel bad sometimes.  We sometimes talk about this with our friends.  We don’t want to think about the day the project ends.  🥲

Anyway, I want to continue writing without thinking about these.  That intensity continued when we came home, because our second exhibition, Cucuteni, was next.  In this intensity, my friends did not forget my birthday.🎂 They surprised me and made me very happy.  Thank you once again from here if they are reading 😊

We continued to prepare for the exhibition at full speed.  We worked hard for two weeks, but especially in the last week, we went to bed at 5 in the morning every day.🫠 With my friends Raphaelle, Muhammed and Ahmed, I shot a very nice clip together (for the song composed by Muhammad about Cucuteni). They all supported me a lot.  

I think what I enjoyed most here was the team work.  ❣️🎬 We received very good feedback from those who attended the exhibition.  Everyone who watched the clip asked us a lot of questions and we chatted about it.  This was very enjoyable for me.  Because what I love most in this life is showing people the things I produce and chatting about them.  Because comments and new ideas inspire me.

Now it’s time to prepare for the next museum and the new year…☃️

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