In December 2022, my ESC adventure began in Zabok, Croatia. As a long-term volunteer with Mreža Udruga Zagor’s ESC project, the year evolved into a captivating journey filled with learning and community engagement.

Our primary mission is to boost the social vitality of the youth, positively shape their perspectives, and kindle motivation in their lives. To achieve this, we implemented a variety of initiatives.

Engaging with students across different age groups in their schools became a highlight. Sharing insights from Turkish culture and presenting the significance of the ESC project sparked their curiosity. At times, I delivered presentations to underline how ESC could be a transformative experience.

In addition to these interactions, I took on the role of editing the online magazine, “Mla-dost.dobro.” Curating monthly content, we shared diverse hobbies, intriguing experiences, and thought-provoking topics, creating a rich and engaging publication.

Another exciting venture was the creation of a podcast, where I conducted interviews covering a spectrum of topics — from the dynamics of friendship to academic journeys, environmental movements, and ESC experiences. These interviews were broadcast, allowing me to share insights with a wider audience.

Beyond these activities, the organization empowered me to implement my ideas. Hosting an upcycling workshop provided a platform for a sustainable and creative gathering. Throughout the year, I captured these experiences through photography and videography, refining my digital content creation skills and supporting the organization’s social media presence.

In essence, my time in Zabok was not just about volunteering; it was a multifaceted experience of cultural exchange, skill development, and community engagement. The combination of school visits, magazine editing, podcast creation, and transformative workshops allowed me to contribute to the community while expanding my horizons.

Reflecting on this transformative year, I am grateful for the diverse experiences and the opportunity to make a positive impact. Zabok, with its warm community and vibrant spirit, will always hold a special place in my heart as the backdrop to a year of growth, connection, and meaningful contributions.

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