I always wanted to experience living abroad since my early 10s. It was February, snowy and cold outside. I was sitting at my desk and searching on media how is it living abroad like, as always I do on the internet. On that day I found a video on youtube, about European Solidarity Corps, then I started to search about it, then I applied to a couple of projects that I can volunteer for and some countries. At the beginning of March, I got an e-mail from one of the projects I applied for, the e-mail was coming from Bulgaria.

My host organization accepts me for the project, and later on, I find my sending organization Pi Genclik Dernegi thank god. Well, my unforgettable story started in this way.

With a population of 50 thousand and warm people, we set off on the 15th in the middle of April, with around 10 participants from around the world, to Sofia and then to the home for the next few mouths, to help open a historical museum in a town in the south of Bulgaria, on the Greek border with only one mountain in between named Petrich.

During the Project, we have done a lot of events. We went to schools, we had conversations about Erasmus Plus and European Volunteering Service and what we would do in the town with high school students in Petrich town. We had the chance to meet a lot of local people at schools and establish friendship ties so well. language clubs were organized, and we helped to open the museum, which is our main task. A painting contest, award-winning games, and many similar activities were organized with the children in the town. Each of our friends in our team had a special task, for example, a friend of ours was preparing poster designs for us for events. I supported my host organization by organizing our social media works

Unfortunately, every good thing comes to an end. At the end of the project, I had the opportunity to see Sofia in the capital city in our free time. Besides, I had the opportunity to visit Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, for a few days before returning home to Turkey. I have lived abroad for a while and when I returned home, I can say that our lives changed in a short time. my point of view. Now the normal coming of things that used to be ridiculous in the past. In fact, I realized that I was no longer focusing on the small details but on the bigger picture. I would like to thank our CEO of Open space foundation Pepa, Monica, who accepted me to the project, and all my dear friends, especially the Pi Youth organization, who made this experience special. I recommend everyone to do ESC in their life.

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