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Youppi 15. Issue (English)

In this month, as part of the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program, we will be with Vladimir Jovanovski, who is included in our team and supported us at many points, in the Pi Official section, where we will have a remarkable conversation about Vladimir’s experiences and recommendations in life.

In our Pixel Report section, the entertaining character of our association, Polen, tells us about her adventure and includes us in a pleasant conversation. We will examine “AFS Intercultural Programs” in the Pi Destination section. In Pi Family, we will get to know İrem Gürpınar more closely.

In the Pi Special section, there is an interview we made with the esteemed Journalist/Author Mr. Mazlum Vesek. We had a very valuable conversation about Mr. Vesek’s 24th anniversary of the abolition of censorship in the Turkish press and “Journalists and Press Day”.

Local Youth Associations Network (LYAN), youth associations operating in different cities of Turkey, provide solutions to the problems of the young population they represent, as well as the opportunities offered by youth abroad; It is an online platform designed to make workshops, training, seminars, overseas projects or calls for volunteer teams more visible and easy for young people to access, believing that for this, they should take long-term, mutually supportive steps and strive to defend their rights. In this issue of our newsletter, we hosted the “Argüden Governance Academy Foundation” on the LYAN platform. We are with you with a pleasant section that states the purpose, duties, ideals, and target audience of the foundation and also includes the activities of the association.

On the other hand, in the “İzmir” section, which includes another valuable part of our newsletter, we designed an article that aims to facilitate the reading of hearing-impaired individuals by appealing to their visual senses by making use of illustration.

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