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In its seventeenth issue, Youppi, called by the combination of the words Youth and Pi, is available for free and digitally.

Youppi 17. Issue (English)

Gamze, our association’s happy and smiling figure, tells us about her personal experience and includes us in a nice dialogue in our Pixel Report section… Our passionate teammate “Mehmet Gezer” tells us about his volunteer activities and future goals in the Pi Official section. “Mariaberg E.V.” was our guest on this edition of Pi Destination. We will get to know Merve Kalın better in Pi Family.

In the Pi Special section, we mentioned a brief history of this special day within the scope of 21 September “World Peace Day” and then touched on the importance of language in maintaining peace, as the title of our article, “Is Peace Only the Area Where Guns Are Silent and No Smell of Gunpowder?” We are with you in a study that will touch on the perception created by the peace areas at the community level.

Local Youth Associations Network (LYAN), youth associations operating in different cities of Turkey, provide solutions to the problems of the young population they represent, as well as the opportunities offered by youth abroad; It is an online platform designed to make workshops, training, seminars, overseas projects or calls for volunteer teams more visible and easy for young people to access, believing that for this, they should take long-term, mutually supportive steps and strive to defend their rights. In this issue of our newsletter, we hosted the “Ataşehir Anatolian Side Roman Education Volunteers Foundation Cultural Solidarity and Aid Association” on the YGDA platform. We are here with you with a pleasant section that states the purpose, duties, ideals and target audience of the foundation, as well as includes the activities of the association and a small introduction to the city of “Istanbul” where the association resides.

On the other hand, the “İzmir” chapter, which contains another valuable part of our newsletter, we designed an article that aims to facilitate reading by appealing to the visual senses by making use of illustrations while reading the hearing-impaired individuals.

Happy Readings…

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