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Youppi, named after the combination of the words Youth and Pi, is available for free and digitally in its nineteenth issue…

Youppi Issue 19 (English

In our Pixel Report column, we hosted Özlem Acar, one of our association’s volunteers. “Talha Yıldızeli” was with us in the Pi Official section. In the part of Pi Destination, “EGYESEK YOUTH ASSOCIATION” from Hungary was our guest. In Pi Family, we will get to know Erkan Çelik more closely.

In the Pi Special section, you will find our article on “About Him” written by our writer Yankı.

Local Youth Associations Network (YGDA), youth associations operating in different cities of Turkey, provide solutions to the problems of the young population they represent, as well as the overseas opportunities offered to young people; It is an online platform designed to make workshops, training, seminars, overseas projects or calls for volunteer teams more visible and easy for young people to access, believing that for this, they should take long-term, mutually supportive steps and strive to defend their rights.

We conclude our magazine with the “İzmir” column, which contains another valuable part of our newsletter.

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